Vacant Space (Sondrio Remix)

Australian Dj/Producer Sondrio released a powerful rendition of Calvin Harris’ Blame just two month ago and the blogosphere had a field day, topping the charts of the popular music blog aggregator Hype Machine.

And so what? Many posts and number of plays have never impressed us, nor is the reason why we share music on The Music Ninja. Yet we cannot deny the fact that Sondrio is able to create fresh new experiences for every one of his remixes, including “Blame”. That is the reason we respect him so much, letting original songs shine through without compromise while still maintaining a unique approach that very song is easier said then done. Today we have a new renditions of the especially seductive track from George Maple “Vacant Space”. Providing a much calmer baseline to match the many softer aspects of the original, Sondri adds many non-intrusive electronic layers that happily coexist in a soothing environment where the vocals never get overshadowed.

You can download this track via a follow here.

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