Well ninjas, after a long week of an aching back, tired eyes, and a general sleepiness that never goes away, Friday is finally upon us. This isn’t just any Friday. No, this is a special one. This is the type of Friday that you really look forward to, and one that only happens a few times a year. Yes, it’s the ever-so-coveted Friday before a three day weekend. Now, a lot of you are probably going camping, going to a lake, or planning a BBQ. All of those options are fine, so long as you promise me one thing. Throw a little ragin’ in on your holiday weekend plans. You’ve earned the right to dance like an idiot, make a fool out of yourself, and wake up looking at nonsensical texts you sent at 2:13 a.m. And we’re only citing that as something we’ve heard from other people certainly not because that’s something we’ve ever experienced. We’re ninjas, remember? We’re so sneaky, people don’t actually remember us embarrassing ourselves.

Alright, enough with the typity-type-type. Lace up your dancin’ shoes, and get after it already. Oh yeah, and don’t forget. #PleaseDanceIrresponsibly

Download: Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #18

’Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack (Bombaclat Bootleg)’
’This Is How We Praise You (Bootleg) – Fatboy Slim & Hardwell vs Labrinth & Knife Party’
’Touch The Gifted Bells (Bombaclat Mashup) – Kanye West v Albin Myers’
’Smack That Daddy (Bombaclat Bootleg) Akon vs Tag Team vs Iio vs La Riots vs Eddie K’
’Shapes of Light – Eclipse (Original Mix)’
’Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero – Sparks (Streetcleaner Remix)’
’Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Streetcleaner Remix)’
’Beats Inside My Head (Revolvr VIP Remix)’
’Thomas Bangalter – Ventura (TJR refix) (tape stop)’
’La Fuente vs Starkillers (TJR Mashup)’
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