Similarly to Groupon and Gilt Groupe, the group buying services where you can get great deals (sometimes even 80% off) of a variety of products for a 24 hour period, GroopEase (just launched this week) is all about promoting good music at the best possible price.

The Music Ninja Invitation Code:206FM3DD

Sign up before we ran out of invites!

Once you sign up for FREE, you will be able to listen to NEW/INDIE bands every day, sample their album and purchase their music for the same price a Big Mac combo will cost you. I am personally involved in this project and it gives me great joy to finally see it launched this week.

It is INVITATION ONLY, and The Music Ninja is gladly giving a couple of invites away as well as a free CREDITS for 2 lucky winners.

To Win All you have to do is

1) Sign up Today for free with our invitation code: 206FM3DD
2) Share it with your friends (out of the kindness of your hearts 🙂 )
3) Go on about your day

It is that simple. The winners will be picked next Monday.



We would love some feedback as this is a new product and there will always be room for improvement. Thank you so much for your time!

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