Baths Cerulean review

Released under the Baths moniker, Wiesenfeld’s Anticon debut is a solid and mature vision sutured by a few elements that Wiesenfeld has mastered. First and foremost, Baths is a beat maker. He reigns in the propensity to let auxiliary instrumentation and formless segues wreak havoc on his airtight beats by never straying too far out of a lock-step, definable beat pattern as a sturdy backbone. Baths’ use of sampled acoustic guitars, organic, household sounds, and piano lines often fall a half-step behind the propulsive beat, deepening the texture, but they always support and lend to the musical superstructure. It was only a few years ago you couldn’t mention an artist on the Anticon label without somehow acknowledging the incestuous level of collaboration that went on within the core of the roster. The latest release by Baths, while full of odes to the Anticon of the past, is a bold step for a ceaselessly genre-defying record label and an audacious, inspired debut for a young beat-maker. Coming in half-way through the album, “Hall” starts out as a delightfully twisted, lo-fi freak-folk strummer before being edited percussively into the rhythm and time signature of the beat. If we can compare Baths to recent Chillwave artists such as Toro y Moi and Boyfruit we can do so favorably in terms of Wiesenfeld’s use of non-percussive rhythmic elements to augment his beats with which he creates a disorienting underwater headphone trip. Pretty amazing stuff. Read full review at
Baths - Cerulean

Baths – Maximalist


Baths – Lovely Bloodflow


Baths – Hall (The One AM Radio Remix Feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)

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