Too Late To Lie

London’s The Night VI have been making waves in the blogosphere with releases like their cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You,” the emotive “Sienna,” and of course, their massive tune “Thinking of You.” Now, back at it with the start of a new year on the horizon, this classic pop six-piece is bringing us a fresh new tune with “Too Late To Lie.”

This time, the band has chosen to release a surging piano-driven ballad that showcases their raw musical aptitude. Not too say that the instrumentation overshadows the passion displayed, more so that the two compliment each other in perfect harmony. The vocals lead with a strong heft, caressing those oh so dreamy ivories, ultimately leading into charging percussion work and low, tremolo notes from the guitar. It’s downright enchanting.

The band is releasing their next 6-song EP on September 29th. If you pre-order today, you’ll get a free MP3 version of “Too Late to Lie,” and every other song revealed until the EP release.

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