Grandtheft & Lambo

Now that we’re only a few weeks out from teaming up with Awesome Factory to bring Grandtheft to the 1UP, we feel like it’s the perfect time for you to get to know a little more about this Torontonian producer/DJ. So sit back, press play on his freshly released track, and enjoy the read. When you’re done, click here to pick up tickets to the show on February 26th.

TMN: Hey man! Thank you for taking some time to answer a few questions for us. First and foremost, talk to us about the monster tour you’re on right now. How are you holding up?

Grandtheft: I haven’t really stopped touring for the last year. It’s been totally insane and also the best year ever. I am holding up ok but i have probably shaved a couple years off my life hahaha

TMN: We’re looking forward to having you at the 1UP here in Denver. Are you excited to come back to the Mile High City?

Grandtheft: SO excited to be back in Denver. Such a sick music city and just quality vibes all round.

TMN: You have a few festivals on the tour as well, including Spring Awakening, Wobblefest and Ultra. We’re curious – do you prefer the intimate club setting, or the rowdy, expansive festival setting?

Grandtheft: I like both equally. I like creating a contained vibe in a venue or club setting. I In my eyes, I make more club music more than the typical ‘festival bangers’ heard at main stages. But i love to do my thing in front of a festival crowd. The energy of such a big group of music-lovers can be really something amazing.

TMN: You recently released a new tune, with up-and-comer Lambo. Talk to us about the process with him, and why you decided to collab together.

Grandtheft: Lambo is my lil homie from Winnipeg Canada. Like with most collabs I have done, just making music with a friend. We started it on the internet and finished it in Winnipeg when i played his club Union there.

TMN: Even though you’ve pry already talked about this quite a bit, we still have to bring it up. The “Heroes” remix. Holy shit. Did you have any idea it would pop off the way it did?

Grandtheft: It was cool to get to do that one. That was my first time working with Def Jam and such a great vocal from Tove Lo to work with – she is amazing. I continued in the vein of what i was trying with the remix for Dillon Francis I had just put out… Vibes with some mellow parts and more of an emotion to it. Happy people liked this sound because I am going even deeper into that with these new original songs.

TMN: Speaking of “holy shit,” you have to have quite the collection of moments like that. Name the top moment that made you step back and say, “Holy shit! I can’t believe that just happened!”

Grandtheft: The whole last year has been full of them. The global touring in Australia and all over Asia was really so eye-opening. The support from Katy Perry, Calvin Harris and T.I./Iggy on those remixes was surreal… The best moment that’s fresh in my mind though, is my show in Toronto last week. The Hoxton sold out in advance and all my friends and hometown fans were out! That night was so special.

TMN: Alright, aside from touring like a mad man, what else can fans expect in 2015?

Grandtheft: Fresh new music. And lots of it. Making a ton of new original songs right now that I am really excited for you to hear.

TMN: To wrap up the interview, we always change the pace and ask some random questions. Let’s kick it off with one of our favorites – what was your very first job?

Grandtheft: Good question! My first real job, no joke, was playing organ at a small Lutheran church. I started when i was 15 and did it til i left high school. I used to do choir rehearsal on thursdays and sunday service. As a punkass teen, I didn’t want to practice so i learned to sight-read the sheet music on the spot. I would show up, read the hymn numbers at the front, open up the book and start playing them. I honestly didn’t even know how to play the organ.. i could only play piano so i had to fake the pedals til i figured it out. I am also not religious at all – but trust me I was there EVERY Sunday, in sickness or in health because they had no replacement for me. I used to be real hungover some Sunday mornings, haha. It taught me a lot about responsibility and about doing music for a job.. And playing shows hungover I guess?

TMN: The first place you go to eat when you go home to Toronto, and what it is that you order there.

Grandtheft: Mother India in Parkdale – I stop in on the way home from the airport and take out a Butter Chicken Roti to eat at home. That usually puts me right to sleep, haha!

TMN: Your favorite GTA game is…

Grandtheft: I don’t even keep up with those really! Vice City i guess.

TMN: What three things are always in your fridge, no matter what?

Grandtheft: sriracha, orange juice, pickles

TMN: Last but not least, if your music were an animal, what would it be?

Grandtheft: Animal from The Muppets

TMN: Alright, that’s all we have for you! We’re looking forward to the show later this month.

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