Hydraulic Lover

Crunchy, groovy, and layered with delicious psych-pop elements, “Hydraulic Lover” has me transporting back to my younger years, minus the teenage angst and awkwardness.

Brought to you by Bradford-based GRDNS, made up of Jacob Lyons (vocals/guitar), Sam Gledhill (guitar), Cameron Harrison (bass) and John Fitzpatrick (drums), this tune should serve well to blend the gap from those just discovering that distortion is a wonderful thing and those of us who spent our teenage years with headphones full of it. Taken from their debut EP, it’s brimming with heavy guitar work, approachable lyrics, and engaging backing vocals. It drips with 90’s grunge and does so in an effortless way.

Hydraulic Lover is about accepting all the bad attitudes, stupid shit and low vibe activities you get up to when you’re young. It’s the idea that song people treat each other like sexbots and the action of love is more hydraulic than passionate

The single was released just a bit ago, but today we’re offering a first look and listen to their accompanying music video, which highlights show and studio footage combined.

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