Denver based electronica dup Dragon and Jontron are back with another giveaway to their loyal fanbase. Being in this business, you have to understand when people are trying to make money off of tracks. This is an art form, and artists deserve to get paid. On the other hand – it is amazing when artists do fun things like a bootleg to give away to their fans.

With that being said, in true Dragon and Jontron fashion, they are presenting everone with this tasty bootleg mashup of David Guetta, Afrojack and Cassius. I’ve personally heard them drop this live, and people go absolutlely crazy. Make sure to follow them on their Facebook page to catch free downloads on the regular. And for god sakes, if you see them on a festival lineup – head over and watch them throw it down.

Guetta vs Afrojack vs Cassius – I Love Ur Sweat (Dragon & Jontron Bootleg)

‘Guetta vs Afrojack vs Cassius – I Love Ur Sweat (Dragon & Jontron Bootleg)’
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