HAEZER | Ghetto

If you need something to help get your ass in gear this Monday morning, look no further. South African baron of bass HAEZER has something that’s a lot stronger than that cup of coffee in your hands.

On December 2nd, HAEZER released his latest EP, Gold Plated Frequencies, on Tasty Records. While this EP is available on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify, today is your first opportunity to hear “Ghetto,” streaming via Soundcloud. What can you expect from this tune? The lead in has heavily industrial sound, supercharged with crackling atmospheric sounds, and a eerie repetitious piano sample, creating a tremendous depth. From their the track cascades into glitchy synths, gigantic bass hits and positively devastating drops.

The chills we experienced when we first heard Dog Blood came back while listening to this tune. As soon as we got over our goosebumps, we immediately started dancing around the room. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy a similar experience.

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