One of the most prolific artists at creating monstrous dubstep tracks, Figure continues to dominate the genre with his aggressive dark conceptions that always seem to come out of a horror movie. While each and every track does induce a level of darkness, Figure is primarily known for his robust production and attention to detail. We were able to talk to him again about Halloween, his thoughts on upcoming genres and what we can expect from him in 2013.

TMN: It’s pretty obvious you are a fan of Halloween, which monster is the most bad ass monster and why?

Most bad ass monster is Michael Myers. That dude is just a big beast that fucks people up… not some mega super fake alien that could never happen.

TMN: Favorite Halloween memory, go.

I’ll keep this short… we may (or may not) have set fire and burnt down this nice oak fence surrounding his suburban crib because he may (or may not) have kicked us out of his Halloween party… You asked.

TMN: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever done?

I was playing a Halloween show last year in New York and didn’t have a costume. Someone from the crowd gave me their home-made bettlejuice masks. They were amazing. I still have them on my shelf at the house.

TMN: The songs on all the Monster Volumes all have a spooky/Halloween type name to them relating to monsters, images of graveyards or bloody rooms. Do you produce the tracks and then find the samples and titles, or do you start with the sample and title and then produce around it?

A little of both. Most of tracks are written throughout the year. Sometimes it starts as just a creepy bass line that I’m working on that just begs to be turning into a Monster track and saved for Halloween. Other times, its a particular sample that sets me off and can’t build around it fast enough. It’s an obsession through out the year.. I just reserve the month of October to celebrate it with everyone before getting back to serious stuff.

TMN: Use three words to describe your music.

Just Being Me

TMN: What are your thoughts on upcoming genres like Trap? and the continuing growth of Moombahtoon. Are there any new sounds you have been experimenting while in the studio?

The crazy thing about the new Trap stuff is that there are a lot of artists that have worked exclusively with the sound for years, but were overshadowed and lumped in with dubstep. It’s good they’re finally getting recognized.
I’ve been a huge hip hop head since I was a kid.. pretty much what got me started DJing, so the word “trap” means something different to me. But whatever you want to call it today… doesn’t matter. If you’re being yourself and taking care of the culture that’s supporting the music you make, who cares what anyone else thinks? It’s always just about the music and the fans. Rest is just noise.

TMN: What can we expect from you the first quarter of 2013? Let us into your vision of where you would like to be a year from now?

Hopping the pond to visit Europe again in January 2013 with a road show tour here in the states starting up in Feb/March. Haven’t really thought about a year from now. Suppose the music will keep evolving along with where life takes me.

’Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves (VIP) – Free DL’
’Figure – The Grave Yard (Original Mix) – Monsters Vol 3’
’Figure – Creepin Feat Proe (Original Mix) – Monsters Vol 3’
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