When you first hear of a band named DREAMS, you’re likely to think that it’s going to be soft and flowing and that it could possibly put you to sleep. But Portugal’s DREAMS is anything but what you might think. It is hazy and flowing, but there’s a really great beat and a little bit of a psychedelic aspect that keeps these songs completely fresh and upbeat. “Don’t Leave Me” is a tune that doesn’t really make a ton of sense at first, but once you hit the halfway point, everything comes together perfectly when the beat finally kicks in for the first time. We’ve also included the slightly more straightforward but still like a dream. But, the kind of dream where you are at an awesome party with really great music. If you like these tunes, make sure to check out the Forgotten Thoughts EP being released digitally in the states on January 18.

DREAMS – Don’t Leave Me

Don’t Leave Me

DREAMS – In Dreams

In Dreams

This post was written by guest writer Chris from dailybeatz.com

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