Higher Self
Ghosts (Bit Funk Remix)

Just because it’s Tuesday doesn’t mean we can’t throw on some beats and boogie at our desks a little bit. In fact, if anything, we need something to carry us up and over hump day, and into the weekend’s sweet, glorious glow.

Big ups to Bit Funk for bringing such an opportunity our way, as he serves up his interpretation of “Ghosts,” here on TMN. This is definitely one for the vocal house lovers out there, as the up-and-coming producer has made Lauren Mason’s lyrics shine throughout the remix.

Boasting an uplifting melody, 90’s dance style percussion, and a dancefloor pleasing bassline, it’s a remix that could easily be well received at the club, as well as through your phone’s speakers, as you get ready. In fact, we’re pretty sure some of you will sing along in your bathroom mirror and we certainly won’t judge you for that.

Pick this tune up today on Bit Funk’s soundcloud and get yourself primed and ready for the weekend, even if it is three days away.

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