HighSchool Jacob
Nobody But You

LA-based HighSchool Jacob has been making some waves as of late, releasing a handful of tracks in only a few months time. It’s not hard to understand the magnetism to this curious alt-pop act. His style is truly unique, which is getting increasingly more difficult to say anymore.

“Nobody But You” is a testament to his talents, and the most recent release that grabbed my attention. Lead in by soft, humming synths, and a warm, treated vocal, this fresh single doesn’t take long to build up intrigue. A vocal harmony wanders in next, brought in tandem with some spattered percussion, building to a big, beautiful, choppy lead synth. The eventual crescendo is powerful, spiraling upwards with an intense, passionately sung lyrics.

When I wrote this song, I wanted to experiment with unusual sounds (such as the sound of my mouse clicking) to provide an intimate and vulnerable atmosphere, and it was when I reached the chorus however that I discovered I wanted to express the other side of those intimate emotions with an energetic and big expression of that previously mentioned desperation. – HighSchool Jacob

The end result is something oddly nostalgic, though inevitably difficult to cite why. It just feels familiar. My best explanation? I don’t have one. Just sit back and drink it in.

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