A week or two ago, we introduced Better Days, a painfully honest track from up-and-coming Los Angeles based emcee Azad Right. Today, he dropped Growing Apart, which uses a sample from fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar.

First and foremost: Azad was a stranger to me before I heard Better Days earlier this month, but I feel like I’ve learned more and more about this dude every day since. One reason being is that Azad doesn’t hide his true feelings or emotions in his music, something lost in today’s hip-hop. From life, love, heartbreak and all the way back, he puts it all on the line.

Download it, play it, share it, do something with it. And – follow Azad on Twitter to get all his latest music and show information at @AzadRight.

Azad Right – Growing Apart ft. AHE and Jhene Aiko

’Azad Right – Growing Apart ft AHE and Jhene Aiko.mp3′
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