Sometimes in the every increasing pop takeover in the rap genre, great artists change up their flow for the golden ticket of radio play. However in some cases, artists like Blu stay true to their original style and deliver great music. Teaming back up with producer Exile, the West Coast rapper dropped a new single this week titled “A Man”. Now it has been a minute since we heard any new material from the duo (Exile’s “When Nothings Left” in October), but this track is a strong return from hiatus. Both deep and contemplative about discovering something to believe in that fits you and not just one that you are told to follow.

Blu always delivers a thought provoking, intricate rhyme and be sure to look out for his EP “Maybe One Day” and upcoming Blu&Exile album Give Me My Flowers While I can Still Smell Them dropping Sept. 4th.

’Blu & Exile – A MAN’
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