Gift of Gab, half of the popular Bay Area rap duo Blackalicious, released Protocol this week, a track from his upcoming album The Next Logical Progression that’s due to drop March 27th thru Quannam Projects.

The track is refreshing for a simple reason: It’s simple. The beat is not overdone, there is no auto tune and the lyrics actually have meaning, opposed to just another blunts and bitches anthem that seems to plague the rap world today. Hearing an emcee with an extensive vocabulary and clear message is a lost art in hip-hop and Gift of Gab appears to find that on Protocol. Samantha Kravitz (chorus) solidifies the track, making this one of the earliest bangers of 2012.

Gift of Gab will be kicking off a small west coast tour starting January 20th in Crystal Bay, Nevada at the Crown Room. Keep up with dates and details on the album and tour on his official website

Gift of Gab – Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz

’Gift of Gab – Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz’
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