Please note if you’ve been suffering from the following symptoms. Do you find your hands trembling as you reach for the dial on the radio every time “Starships” comes on?  Do you feel nauseated every time you hear the term “swag?” Do you find yourself involuntarily “swirving” whenever you’re on the road? If, so then you might be suffering from hip-hop withdrawal. The great news for you though, is that J. Cole has just recently come out with “The Cure.”

The Dream Villain just dropped a brand new freestyle over the “Lift Off” beat, originally graced by his boss, Jay-Z, & his running mate, Kanye West, on last year’s excellent Watch The Throne project (If you haven’t listened to that album yet, there’s no hope for you after all). There’s no indication yet from Cole where this one will live, but you’ve gotta hope another mixtape is in the works, otherwise we might end up with the shakes forever.

’J. Cole – The Cure’
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