Kendrick Lamar
DNA. (Yung Bae Remix)

Yung Bae came through with a steaming remix of “DNA.” by Kendrick Lamar. His tasteful take doesn’t put himself first, which is not how most producers go about putting together a remix. Instead, he works with Kendrick’s vocal to come up with something incredible.

There’s no leader here, just two artists in tandem. Yung Bae replaced Kendrick’s instrumental with his own, one that doesn’t take drastic measures at being an BANGER EDM REMIX, but it is for sure a banger. His groovy beat is masterful, putting your body in motion with ease as though it was your body’s only natural response to it. Kendrick’s vocal is used throughout, instead of simply in the intro/breakdown/build and Yung Bae flexes his hip-hop sound, something we hope rappers hop on soon. Yung Bae’s where it’s at. AND, this one dropped as a free download.

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