Ever feel like you’re losing control in your life?  Ever feel like the number of people you can trust can be counted on one finger? And do you feel like basic day-to-day decisions you used to make are slowly slipping out of your grasp? If so, then Sanction Language is here to remind you that you’re not alone out there. The Chicago hip-hop duo, comprised of South-siders Mic Messia and Veza, use an an extremely appropriate sample in Three Day Grace‘s “Get Out Alive” to connect with their audience and share their own ill-fated experiences with putting too much trust in others. The song leaves the listener with room for thought near the end, allowing them to contemplate and reflect on its message.  Overall, the group does a great job of getting their point across through their raw and powerful lyrics, and we certainly look forward to hearing what else they have for us in the near future.

Make sure to grab the free download of this track below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of Sanction Language’s music on their official website, sanctionlanguage.com.

’Sanction Language – LIFE IN YOUR HANDS’
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