You could not make a more accurate statement about The ILLZ‘s music than the title of his newest song. Delgis Mustafa has been one of the most consistent writers out there, steadily delving out crops of genius from us to pick from with each and every project he’s released. His newest album, The Darkest Hour, seems to be no different. “The Constant Gardener” is the intro track on this album, and a pretty ambitious one at that. Using the same sample of  “Garden of Peace'” by Lonnie Liston Smith as Jay-Z‘s classic “Dead Presidents“, The ILLZ proves that he’s more than capable of filling the shoes of a top notch emcee. Although it’s pretty short at a hair over two and a half minutes, the song certainly gets the job done, building up the anticipation for The Darkest Hour, dropping on November 13th.

’The Constant Gardener’
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