The Brooklyn-based Theophilus London has long been one of my favorite young hip-hop artists around because of his tendency to think outside the constraints of genre boundaries in his music. His sound, alternates seamlessly between his funk-infused, Pharrell-esque singing voice and smooth rapping vocals. London’s music truly reflects progression in music as stringent classification becomes a thing of the past.  His versatility and willingness to collaborate and experiment across different genres (Soul, Funk, R&B, electronic and alternative) is embodied by this mixtape. Check out some of my favorite tracks below and download the whole tape free here. A complex mixtape that is still consumable at any occasion, in the car or for your next poker hiphop playlist.

’Theophilus London – Morning Kisses’

This track is a perfect example of London’s funky, R&B singing abilities.

’Theophilus London – Dancing feat. Marvin Gaye’

It is pretty hard to hate on a Marvin sample and this track is upbeat and danceable,  while maintaining originality.

’Theophilus London – Lighthouse (JJ remix)’

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last couple years (or aren’t as into music as me), JJ is a swedish post-pop duo who have done lots of experimentation with incorporating hip-hop lyrics and sounds in their ethereal music. This track is an awesome collaboration in my mind and I hope to see JJ working with some more notable names in hip-hop.

’Theophilus London – She Said Ok feat BIG BOI’

Big Boi is in the house. Not much else needs to be said besides that this song is hilarious and reminiscent of Outkast.

’Theophilus London – Tour de Roses Anthem feat Bryan Holder’

Here’s an example of Theophilus pushing the boundaries experimenting with some wobble on the beat. I am always a fan of the dubstep/hip-hop combination when done right.

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