Motley Crue (Beshken Remix)

When I found this particular “Motley Crue” remix I had to share it, and truth be told, I’m a fan of everything Mind Of A Genius touches. Let me introduce you to Beshken, a rising artist and producer who’s blend of hip hop and electronic sounds are addictive. His rendition of  THEY.’s “Motley Crue” takes the listener on a relaxing sonic journey and I’m truly excited to see what music he has in store for us.

Beshken began producing in 2012 after buying his first 88 key midi keyboard. Previously trained as a rock and jazz guitarist, he first became interested in dance music when DJing house parties in Los Angeles. In late 2015, Beshken moved to New York City to study music at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU; this shift shaped both his view on the culture of electronic music and sonic experimentation. With support from Next Wave Records, Majestic Casual, and more, Beshken is just getting started. Also be sure to check out his Closed Doors EP when you get the chance.

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