Ryden ft. Chase Allen
"Dear God"

Looking for a new artist to shake up your world? Enter Ryden. This dynamic Los Angeles creator is not here to mess around in the slightest. You could take that from her skills, of which there are many, or you can take it from her earnest single “Dear God” featuring Chase Allen.

Although Ryden can flex as an emcee/vocalist, she lets Chase take the reigns on the spoken front, leading us into a thoughtful, expressive performance that is going to have you replaying the track over and over just to catch every little syllable. Each is packed with a punch that is augmented by iconic speeches from the likes of Jesse Williams, Malcom X and Robert Kennedy. Musically, Ryden sets the stage with a dark, ominous mood that feels as though it is engulfing you. “Dear God” was meant to take a stand, and it certainly gets its message across. It’s one incredible piece of art that you can luckily download for free. Do it, and share it.

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