pretty lights dj music

Already starting 2008 and especially throughout 09 a lot of hip/hop has been influenced by the synthesized melodies of electronic music. From Kanye sampling Daft Punk to Lil’ Jon’s unashamed use of heavy auto-tune, hip/hop artists have started to adopt a lot of electronic elements. However, nothing really has sound as natural fusing these two different worlds as Colorado’s own Dj/Producer Derek Vincent Smith, Pretty Lights. The soulful instrumentation paired with an electronically aggressive bassline that is perfectly balanced to not overpower the groovy vocals, creates a compound capable of keeping your booty shakin through the night.

Where others have failed to keep both Hip/Hop and Electro fans happy, often leaving one in the dark, Pretty Lights’s future shines bright.

Pretty Lights – I Can See It In Your Face



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