This is one of the most positive hip-hop songs I’ve heard in awhile. The amazing thing about that is that the majority of verses recount the worst things that can happen in a day . If there was ever a musical based on Office Space, I can see this track being a big number. MC Slug takes the “day in a life” lyric approach and reminds us that “everyday can’t be the best day”. This song isn’t about beef or money, cash, and hoes. And yet it’s still a good hip-hop song. Interesting.

The Minneapolis duo, Atmosphere, have been around forever, once having been signed to the famed Epitaph Records (Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion’s label). The Best Day is off of “To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy” on Rhymesayers Entertainment. From looks of this single, it will be worth picking up.

Atmosphere – The Best Day

’The Best Day’

Bonus Throwback (released on October 28, 2003):
Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance

’Atmosphere – Trying To Find A Balance.mp3′
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