Canadian artists are a rare appearance on the music ninja, so in this case I’m proud to present double supersized order of Canadian talent. The Toronto born pioneers of dubstep, Zeds Dead, team up with fellow Toronto based rapper, Omar LinX, to produce what could be the hybrid to bridge the existing gap between dubstep and hip-hop. Omar LinX’s rugged voice and sharp-tongued lyrics, filled with wit, biting humour and clever wordplay, are complemented by smooth, melodic hooks and laced together with signature scratchy Zeds Dead basslines so deep you might be left breathless. Omat Linx’s aggressive style balances perfectly with the intensity Zeds Dead brings to the table. With this song pulsating from your speakers, any attempt to stop the resulting adrenaline rush from spreading would be in vain.

Zeds Dead & Omar Linx – Out For Blood

’this shits crazy!’
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