New York rap group Gorilla Warfare Tactics (excellent name) feel like they’ve only been around a week or two, but we’ve our eye on them since the beginning of 2011,when they dropped the wonderful ‘Temptations‘. Since then, the guys have been busy working away on more tracks, and have just released ‘Premier’, a short EP that astounds and impresses beyond expectations. Stand-out track ‘Dream Green’ features some of the most enthralling vocal dexterity, with a Bollywood-sounding sample as the song’s hook. ‘Bernie Madoff’ also bewilders with sheer display of lyrical and musical talent as the rhymes and beats build up to create something that hasn’t been heard in a while: a genuine hip-hop track that makes no compromises to appeal to an audience that doesn’t care about the genre. And to do all this with a Barbra Streisand sample just proves the skill and hard work that went into this stellar EP. Look out for Gorilla Warfare Tactics in the future, because they just revitalised hip-hop. ‘Premier’ is out now and is available through Pigeons and Planes, as well as Sunset in The Rearview.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream-Green

’Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Dream

Gorilla Warfare – Bernie Madoff

’Gorilla Warfare – Bernie Madoff’

Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics – Premier (Mixtape)

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