Gorilla Warfare Tactics are a New York hip-hop duo that previously released “Temptations”. That was a track that received amazing press, despite being the first track the internet at large had heard from the twosome.

This track is a ballad of an emcee that rises out of the street and follows him as he turns into an entertainment juggernaut. It could be Jay-Z, it could be Drake, it could be the members of Gorilla Warfare Tactics in a couple years. This track is the antithesis of the much criticized “money, cash, hoes” record. Thoughtful, thought-provoking, and even though GWT are very much rooted in traditional hip-hop, they’ve chosen to avoid direct imitation of their idols. Great lyrics, great beat, happy critic.

They released “The Tale of Mr. Street” in anticipation of their first EP they’re dropping this month. Stay tuned

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – The Tale of Mr. Street

’The Tale of Mr Street.mp3′
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