Though not the first artist to take the track of free styling over a Glitchmob beat, E-dubble demonstrates his capacities as a rapper, tweaking the track, while accentuating the intensity that made the track unique in the first place. His aggressive style gives Animus Vox a drastic facelift, turning it into a heavy Hip-hop banger, reminiscent of other artists such as King Fantastic and The Girls Can Hear Us.

E-dubble – Automatic (Freestye Friday 39)


Forgetting the synths of Animus Vox, E-dubble decides to take a much calmer route on this one. With a soulful beat, calming piano and E-dubble’s smooth voice “Get on Board” creates a charge of positive energy that is difficult to ignore. Through this dubble feature (excuse the obvious pun) the versatility of E-dubble is easy to see, laying down his vocals on anything from electro to gospel

E-dubble – Get on Board

dubble – Get on Board’
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