K-os is responsible, in no small way, for the latest cycle of successful Canadian emcees. His break-through single (Crabbuckit) was a huge hit domestically and internationally for the singer/rapper. Drake is newer on the scene, but has already seen fame far beyond K-os 2004 success.

Make no mistake, Faith is very much a K-os song. It’s heavy in blues guitar and ethereal keyboard, and drums that sound like an actual drum-set. Drake holds his own but doesn’t touch K-os’ lyric in the song. On this track at least, he’s incapable of reaching the same depth as the lead emcee.

That said, this track could easily serve as an introduction to K-os for some of the millions of followers Drake recently acquired. I’m all in favor that, just know that this track barely scrapes the surface of K-os’ greatest hits.

K-os ft. Drake – Faith

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