Logic deserves more credit than he gets. The talented emcee from Maryland draws inspiration from past experiences and the struggles of life, with a hopeful and positive outlook. And sure, many rappers today are doing the same, what is so different? The attitude. With every verse and every rhyme is more of a coming of age effort and less about trying to be famous. Consequently, the story telling is raw and unfiltered.

In an interview with Sunset In The Rear View, he contributes his success to his team:

I have a Team. Logic is not one person, I merely give this brand a face. Logic is compiled of six people: Big Lenbo (Best Friend and Security), GRVTY (Camera Man), OB and 6Month of The Official (My Producers), DJ Boss Player (My DJ), and Chris (Manager).

And it is that kind of inclusive attitude that separates him from the rest. It is not an egotistical trip of him telling the world he is better than everyone else, a theme mostly found in mainstream rap today.

Last month Logic released his latest mixtape, Young Sinitra: Undeniable. Here is a couple of tracks we handpicked and we want his music to speak for himself, and you can download the entire mixtape here.

’Logic – We Get High’

’Logic – Dear God’

’Logic – No Biggie’

’Logic – Relaxation’
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