Grizzly Bear‘s newest offering, “Yet Again,” opens with crunchy guitars and a charging pace, marking it as one of the more infectious, grand and straightforward tracks in their repertoire. Edward Droste‘s smooth and limber vocals complement the propulsive indie-rock song nicely, but when the band’s blissful, stirring harmonies are in full-force — like we heard so many times on 2009’s Veckatimest or even 2006’s Yellow House — it’s almost as though the planets have aligned: pure candy for the ears. “Yet Again” is not quite as complex or avant-garde as we’ve seen from Grizzly Bear, but shows that they can achieve that epic, all-encompassing sound pretty perfectly. The track is a little over five minutes, its resplendency ending in a beautifully chaotic tangle of noise.

Grizzly Bear’s forthcoming album, Shields, comes out September 18th via Warp Records.

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