Wonderful (Original Mix)

Perhaps the single largest lifeline pumping through this wonderful site of ours is the passion to discover artists & bands that might’ve been passed over by some larger tastemaking publications, or not had the type of marketing teams bringing so many acts to prominence in today’s musical climate. Our latest discovery falls within the realm of proper house in the form of Sacramento based 8150. Although the mysterious producer wields years of studio production credits, his first foray into solo territory waited until its level of quality was on par with the sterling sounds of bigger-label dance tunes. “Wonderful”, our house tune du jour does just that, pacing itself behind a blissful intro comprised of sultry pads and a delicately crafted piano progression, before giving into girthy bass licks and just a lovely set of vocal chops pulled from the one and only Aretha Franklin. We could dive even further into the minutiae of why this one hits our chochlear cavities so well, but we’ll just shut up now and let your ears be the judge. 8150’s latest single finds a home on fledgling imprint THNK TNK Records, marking their debut release, and if “Wonderful” is anything to go off of, we may have a new label in the running for favorite independent dance collective in the Western U.S. within the next few years. “Wonderful” is available as a free download over on Soundcloud, but since you’ve made it this far, don’t bounce on out of here without streaming above.


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