Britney Spears
…Baby One More Time (Kulkid Remix) | Free Download

Parisian producer Thomas Ouf, better known as Kulkid, recently dropped his remix of Britney Spears classic 90’s tune, “Hit Me Baby.” Having been a teenager during the time era that the original reached it’s epic fame in, we admittedly cringed when we saw the email come through. However, after hearing what Kulkid had done in the past, we knew it would be done in a way that would be enjoyable.

While we usually stress the important of paying homage to the original, we actually like the departure that was taken in this remix. The pitched down vocals have a sexy deep house feel, pushing the original pop structure into the far recesses of our minds. He does bring in a few samples of her voice, close to the original pitch, but the treatment on it creates a much more club friendly sound.

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