Campsite Dream
Crush (Tom Bull Remix)

In the words of legendary NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow, “He’s heating up!”

Tom Bull has been on a tear lately, hitting his stride in Spotify’s viral chart, and getting adorned with one of Billboard Dance’s “Top 15 Acts to Watch in 2016.” His latest piece of devilishly good dance music comes in remix form, showcasing just why the world is turning their collective ear to this Rotherham-based producer/DJ.

Putting his spin on Campsite Dream’s wonderfully poppy and wildly popular rendition of Jennifer Paige’s ’98 classic “Crush,” Bull brings together an artful fusion of decades and styles, maintaining a bit of the indie tropical styling from Campsite Dream’s version. However, the tempo and bassline are amped up, providing an excellent dancefloor-friendly remix.

Admittedly, we were a little behind the curve on this release, as it came out nearly a month ago. Rest assured, his next tune will get attention from us the day it comes out.

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