Digital Farm Animals
Didn't Know. Feat Yasmin (DFA Club Mix)

We’ve had our ears perked towards London based genre-skirting producer Digital Farm Animals for years now, and his latest evolution has only fanned the flames to our fire. Back in February we featured “Didn’t Know”, a sensual, electronic R&B burner from the Brit that had us all feeling some type of way. Today however, DFA’s taken the Yasmin featuring single straight to the floor with his own Club Mix on the tune, and quite honestly we can’t decide which we like better. While the original floats on top of the type of two-step melody and lush vocal work from which many of us were conceived, the club mix stokes Yasmin’s refrain with a perfect amount of reverb before delving into a huge, jackin’ synth sample and pointed cymbal shuffles to remind us all that we were listening to Digital Farm Animals’ housey side. And that reminder is always a welcome one. We won’t get too deep into our blurb however, and are opting to let Digital Farm Animals’ solid production do the talking instead; check out the DFA Club Mix for “Didn’t Know” above.

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