Digital Farm Animals

A familiar face to the pages of TMN, London’s Digital Farm Animals has dropped his latest shot to the dancefloor with an ode to classic house, “True”. The tune waltzes out immediately behind a club tuned grand piano line, which in itself has maintained as a true testament to the truest roots of Chicago house since Marshal Jefferson’s timeless 1986 “Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem)”, Digital Farm Animals slowly unravels the full spectrum of “True” with each passing bar in the form of vintage hip-hop claps, chopped and pitched vocals bouncing between pitched up falsetto and expansively pitched down interpretations of themselves. It seems Nick gale’s output has continued taking aim towards more danceable club fare since his earliest days under the Digital Farm Animals namesake, and we’ve been all but addicted the whole way.

Check out our interview feature with DFA all the way back from late 2013 here -proudly for us, his first ever recorded interview on record as Digital Farm Animals- and stream “True” above.

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