Duke Dumont
Won't Look Back

International House music superstar Duke Dumont has once again stepped into the cutthroat octagon that is dance production armed with another gorgeous slice of dance music. We’d been clamoring for the newest single from the Blase Boys Club boss for weeks, and were more than grateful to share with our cutting edge readership. “Won’t Look Back” jumps out of the gate with a classic house meets 80’s pop piano riff and powerfully soulful vocal track before dropping the facade rather quickly in favor of a huge, deep and sexy synth line over the same chord progression which is in turn played out as the tune’s bass line. An air of musicality that is simply missed by a majority of non classically trained electronic composers flows through every Duke Dumont track, which is also our hypothesis for an incredible crossover appeal. There’s a reason Dumont needs only to put out one single every few months to stay relevant and force house producers around the world to hide their heads in shame and jealousy as well. Okay that may be reaching, but we are hyper aware of this massive talent and he just oozes skillfully carried out productions, plain and simple. If we’re going off of the commercial success attached to his last three singles, “I Got U”, “Hold On” and “Need (100 %),  the Duke might want to consider a shift in namesake and opt in favor of something like… ‘Duke Midas’ or ‘King Dumont’. “Won’t Look Back” will be available for purchase on August 24th through Blase Boys Club, so until then you’ll have to listen to the 3 minute house jaunt right here.

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