Eric Lam
Beam (Original Mix)

Native Philadelphian, Indiana University graduate Los Angeles based…wait, we just lost track. Regardless of where Eric Lam is at in the world, we know one thing. He’s in our headphones right now with his latest original mix. This young, up-and-coming producer, who just graduated with a degree in Arts Management and a minor in music, has graced the walls of TMN before with party inducing remixes for our Party Playlists. Today is a different story though. “Beam” is deserving of a post all of it’s own.

While we normally have an aversion to the word beam (courtesy of Jim Beam), we’re all over this huge electro house tune. This former writer of the music for Dr. Oz show (no joke) has a melody driven electro house gem that’s well extremely well crafted. With big popping bass hits and a beautiful melodic progression, we just can’t help but listen to this track again and again.

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