Eric Sharp
Love Can't Wait Feat. Gavin Turek

It’s funny how our attitudes and thoughts are correlated to the environment. Cloudless skies instantly transform sadness into joy, while grey and rainy days can turn even the best mood into a horrible one. Luckily for us, spring is right around the corner, and so is the warmer weather that brings lush and colorful scenery. As the season nears us, the hardness of the winter’s cold softens to mild temperatures that trigger an annual nostalgia.

Eric Sharp’s latest original, “Love Can’t Wait” featuring Gavin Turek, provides identical effects. The tune fosters a refreshing sound as Gavin’s resonating voice threads together rich melodic notes. It exudes an energy that is both stimulating and soothing, awakening all senses while the smooth vocals present listeners with a feeling of intimacy. In other words, “Love Can’t Wait” is dpring in the form of a song, and can assure you that you’ll be springing right into love with this one.

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