One, Two

Last week, we spent some time with the Potion Records crew for their label showcase at the Delano. From top-to-bottom, they had a talent-stacked night, including some artists who have released music under The Magician’s careful curation, and some who were just there to join the party. One of our favorite sets came from a Munich-based newcomer, who goes by the name Fabich.

If you’re just tuning into this up-and-act, you’ll be pleased to know he has some fresh new tunes for you, just in time for you to proudly strut through spring and into summer. “One,Two” is a lethal dance floor pleaser, boasting heavy kicks, a robust piano melody, and a hard-hitting future house bassline. Trust us, this track triggers the insatiable need to shake your hips, shuffle your feet, and boast a broad grin. We witnessed such events in person and pleasantly fell victim to “One, Two’s” sweet siren call.

You can snag this tune via Potion records on March 28th.

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