Fabich x Ferdinand Weber

As soon as Thursday rolls around, we begin to turn our attention towards the weekend, anxiously awaiting a few days of pure freedom. Along with those end-of-the-week warm ‘n fuzzies, we also find ourselves manically ushering groovy dance tunes, just like this one.

Dropping last week on Majestic Casual, “Somewhere” brings the proper amount of melodic soul and energy that’s perfect for the start of a dance-filled weekend. We wouldn’t expect much less from two of our favorite German producers, as we’ve come to love pretty much everything Fabich and Ferdinand Weber release. This time around, though, we’re lucky enough to have both of them on the same track, showcasing both of their styles in one sitting.

“Somewhere” is the type of track that can be applied in multiple situations. The deep and soulful nature makes it perfect to have on while you’re chilling at home, enjoying your favorite adult beverage. On the other hand, the energetic piano melody and luscious bassline will definitely be appreciated as you boogie across the dancefloor.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, make sure to add this little gem to your weekend playlists on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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