Housing Corp
Vague (Original Mix)

You know when you find those kind of songs that make you literally stop everything you are doing just so you can boogie like you’re stuck in a hot, smelly, sweaty club? Those are the kind of songs that really get our weekends started off on a wicked note. Hailing all the way from the big apple, AKA New York City, are Nick van Tiel and Skyler Gross who collectively form Housing Corp. These two are undeniably two of the most profound producers we’ve come across in the House side of music. Just recently Housing Corp released a new original, “Vague” and let us tell you, this song is anything but what its title says. Jam packed with wanky basslines, an infectious vocal sample, and a hard-hitting breakdown that will guarantee make you want to move your body in all sorts of ways. As always, we try to find you those free tunes to rock out to whenever you please, and it looks like you’re in luck because “Vague” is available for free! Get your groove on, ninjas, and stay classy.

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