Reach ft. Rozzi Crane

A good house tune is a wonderful thing. A great house tune can be tough to come by most of the time. liminl may appear to be a newcomer on SoundCloud, but the mixture of an old school sound and Rozzi Crane‘s mighty vocals works together in perfect tandem to grace our ears with an infectious groove. There’s something to be said about house music grabbing you instantly, as so much of it can be easily forgotten and cast aside as repetitive and trend chasing. This duo capitalizes on extracting the best elements of the genre’s origins and tidying them up into an updated and pristine new package that fits into a mainstage setting as much as a warehouse party. Kick off the second half of your week right with liminl and Rozzi Crane’s “Reach,” and don’t forget to show these two support in any way you can!

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