Mindex is a Russian producer of intricate electronic music, eclectic collages he calls “full spectrum sonic constructions from the future for your third eye and ear. Sometimes he dabbles with jazz or hip-hop motifs, other times he makes cerebral downtempo, but his new EP, Opal Senses out on Time Resonance Music, is a rare combination of psychedelic bass music and four-on-the-floor dance music.

Not that these two classifying terms are mutually exclusive – “acid house” was particularly psychedelic and bass heavy – but Mindex fuses on Opal Senses the best from the bass music world (think Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, Envision, Shambhala Music Festival) with the stalwart “house” beat always heard in clubs the world over. Imagine the staple of fine aldente pasta as the medium for a rich, flavorful new sauce you may have never tried before. This is a metaphor for Opal Senses.

“From East To West” immediately envelopes you in the “full spectrum” of sound described on the producer’s Soundcloud profile. A thumping bassline syncopates with a little 2-step. Weighty bass synthesizers stab and sweep over the beat and wrap each bass kick. There’s a great deal going on – glitching pops and intricate percussion here, traditional dance melodies there. It’s a gnarly club track if ever there was one. “Olympia” starts as a low down, rather anxious jam. Reverb on many of the sounds creates the effect of a dark, industrial room. A sly, squishy bassline permeates this tune, on top of which you’ll hear a simple descending melody that balances with the rather complex sound design taking place everywhere else. With a slight increase in tempo, “The Ones Who Watch Us” rounds out the EP with gusto. It’s the most minimal of the three tracks. Strings dance over the house beat, a clock-hand sounds like its clicking time away, and a classic acid house synth keeps the pace throughout.

Mindex is talented, and his catalog of music becomes even more diverse with the addition of this highly danceable EP. Grab a download here, and perhaps one of these tracks will find its way to your club playlist or DJ deck. The colorful cover art was created by Archan Nair.

Mindex – From East To West
Mindex – Olympia
Mindex – The Ones Who Watch Us
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