Another You (Sonny Alven Remix)

“Another You”, an already amazing release from Swedish duo Nause, has just been handed over to the young talent that is Sonny Alven for a remix.

Alven straight away brings in a warm and lilting sound to the remix, showcasing a palette of mellow textures throughout. The bass line is introduced early on as a soft, simple, yet effective part that fits with ease around the rest of the song. Other atmospheric elements such as the keys and live guitar help bring this piece to life, as the song develops throughout its entirety. A welcomed pause arrives as the vocal led breakdown billows slowly to a final climax of deep and dazzling groove.

This remix is spectacular and utilises all that is memorable from the original creation. It should also put the Norwegian producer, who is just twenty, on the map. “Another You” is available to buy via Svenska Inspelningar/Universal Music from October 24th (worldwide) and 28th (US).


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