One of our favorite beacons in the Denver dance scene is back after a long hiatus with two freshly delivered originals, and we frankly couldn’t be any happier about it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Late Night Legend, aka option4, now’s a perfect time to start bolstering up your catalog with his always soulful, often groovy, and unfailingly dance-inducing tunes. Also, we should note that the aforementioned nickname was completely fabricated for this post. While it certainly has a ring of truth to it, you might get a strange look if you address him as such on social media, or face-to-face.

“Vibe On” is the first track on this newly released EP, and it features singer/songwriter Michael O, who you may recognize from Pitch Perfect 2. Positive, uplifting, and inspiring, the iconic lyrics glide along a sexy-as-hell bassline effortlessly, giving listeners something to both dance and sing along to. As the song progresses, well crafted and placed vocal samples and chops add to the memorable persona, leaving us wanting to hit the replay button a few more times.

“Say Woo” leans a little more to the lighthearted side, boasting vocal samples that shouldn’t come as any surprise. Coupled with those playful “woos” and “yeahs” is a very organically derived house style, which goes heavy on the kick and well-accentuated percussion. It’s not overly complicated, and still perfectly maintains that soulful experience we’ve come to know and love from this Denver-based Producer/DJ.

“Vibe On” will most assuredly be a great addition to a long, arduous day, and “Say Woo” is the perfect fit to a rowdy after-party. You can pick both up on beatport, via Nurvous Records, and have both on hand for when those occasions arise.

’option4 – Vibe On ft. Michael O’
’option4 – Say Woo’
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