Country music is not something you see in the dojo often, if ever. However, a producer coming out of Atlanta by the name of Panski is bringing some influence from the genre to house music. You might be thinking “WTF!?” but just stay with us because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his new EP, #ARoadLessTraveled.

Complete with four tracks, including a cover/remix of “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow. Together they push forward Panski’s signature Southern House sound. The only thing close that comes to mind is some of Avicii’s work, but Panski takes things his own route to a whole new level. With instrumentation taken from the not-so-shitty pop heavy country music, Panski taps into something new to make himself stand out above the rest. We think you’ll like this just as much as we do, but don’t trip, you won’t have to tell people you like country music.

’Take Me Home, Country Roads (Feat. Ellena Soule)’
’Wave On Wave (Feat. Wylen)’
’Soak Up The Sun (Feat. Ellena Soule)’
’On The Road Again (Feat. Rich Andruska)’
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