Project 46 & BYNON "Castles"

“Castles” is the product of Project 46 and BYNON coming together for a nimble record that has been released by Kaskade’s imprint, Arkade. As two of house’s great acts, you can expect “Castles” to be a hell of a record, which is just what you get. More than just having a solid instrumental, the vocal performance on this song is absolutely killer. The composition has a nice blend of acoustic sounds with synthetic counterparts.

“Castles” isn’t one of those festival records with a whole lot of energy, but it’s not really a 100% laid-back chiller either. Of course, throughout the song the energy moves up and down, but the general mood of the song has a good balance that gives it some spirit. This original single is currently available via iTunes for those who like what they hear. This isn’t the first time these acts have collaborated, and we doubt it will be the last given the great track record.

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