Promises Ltd.
Days Of Lavender (AMTRAC REMIX)

On July 8th of this year, Promises Ltd. released their self-titled debut EP. Since then, they have been quiet on the front of originals, however they’ve dropped two official remixes, one of which comes from the Kentucky producer AMTRAC.

When I think Kentucky, I don’t think electronic music, but AMTRAC is certainly shifting that notion. With his remix he took on the single “Days Of Lavender” and turned it out into a deep, minimalist house record. From start to finish this single is as tasteful as it gets. AMTRAC’s melodic take on the indie-electronic original is quite different, but there’s still a hint of the original’s tone within. It’s a masterful remix that we can’t get enough of, and we think you’ll be on the same boat once you give it a listen.

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